Thursday, August 30, 2018

How to Design Your Own Wedding and Engagement Rings

How to Design Your Own Wedding and Engagement Rings

Your engagement and wedding rings are story pieces, photo subjects, and eventually heirlooms. In the past, department store and chain jewelry store rings were the norms, but modern couples have more options than ever before. Custom rings are a way to show your personality as a couple, but where do you even begin?

The following are tips on designing your own wedding and engagement rings to create your own unique styled pieces.

Timing is everything.

If you decide you want customized rings, you should start the process months in advance of when you want your engagement ring. Customized rings take extra time to create but are worth it. Order your engagement time and wedding bands at the same. This will help your rings look cohesive, but also save time and money, both of which are vital when planning a fabulous wedding.

Do your research.

If you decide to go with a traditional jeweler to make your rings, ask around, read reviews, and visit any jewelers you might be interested in. Ask your family and friends for recommendations. Start with local jewelers—there is usually an in-house jeweler available for a consultation. You need to make sure that the jeweler you choose has a style that fits well with your own. The jeweler should be able to show you examples of previous work. If their style doesn’t quite match up with yours, they should be able to direct you to a dependable colleague. It may take you several tries to find a jeweler that you like and that’s okay!

Find your style.

Before you can design your rings, you need to discover what kind of rings you like. Websites like Pinterest, Instagram, and wedding blogs are great for ring inspiration. There are so many choices between metals, stone, cut, setting—it can be overwhelming. Using these sites can help narrow down your inspiration. Your rings should be true to you and your spouse, but still classic and elegant. If there are any celebrity rings that you particularly love, be sure to save those photos for your inspiration. If there are any design elements that you particularly like, be sure to mention those to the jeweler.

Know what you want.

Use your artistic eye to draw up a rendering of what you would like to show your jeweler. Be sure to write a description as well. Collaboration is the key to success when creating a custom piece. Before your jeweler begins their computerized and wax renderings of your rings, be sure have a long discussion about the designs. This can save you from headaches later.

Add special touches.

If you are adding in a unique stone such as a stone that was set in a family ring or an uncut diamond, these need to be considered early on in your design process. Other things to consider—any warranties the jeweler offers and insurance. Get your rings insured as soon as possible. Stay involved in the process. Both partners should be part of the design process as the rings are their signature as a couple. Maybe you adore rose gold, but your spouse to be isn’t so keen on it. Or your fiancé adores raw diamonds, but you and your jeweler don’t like them. Communicate with each other, always. Be involved and be patient.

Other options

Of course, there are other options for customized rings. Plenty of home jewelers make their craft available on the website Etsy and design custom rings from traditional to the quirky. Some couples choose to have their rings sourced and made from natural materials. Tattooed wedding bands are becoming increasingly popular as well. Whichever you choose, take the time to make the right choice for you and your spouse. An engagement ring should be special, beautiful, and personal.